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Pancake Batter - A Simple Recipe Without Milk

Simple pancake batter recipe

There are hardly any people who do not like pancakes! Therefore you can calmly set to the classic if you want to make a nice gesture for your favorite people or want to present a great dessert when you go to visit.

The batter is prepared quickly. But it you happened before, that the milk is all? And in this case our Pancake recipe without milk in question comes. This recipe is also a good solution for people who have a lactose allergy. The strawberries are a great way to get to eat fruit your kids. The syrup is just more pleasure.

The recipe for pancake batter without milk

You can be quite easily to the most popular cooking of the family. It is enough only delicious pancakes prepare to learn. You will be surrounded all hungry and even the eaten quickly.

The ingredients:

3 eggs

350 ml of water with carbonic acid

1 tsp vanilla

20 SL flour

1 1/2 SL poppy

1/4 cup sugar

Pinch of salt

Butter for greasing the finished pancakes

1 cup sliced strawberries

Pancake with delicious Strawberry Syrup

For the syrup:

1 1/2 cup sliced strawberries

1 1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup water

1 SL honey

1/2 tsp vanilla

The preparation:

Start with the preparation of syrup. Put all the necessary ingredients in a pot and cook on medium-high level. When the sugar is melted, remove the Pan from the heat and when the syrup is cool, you pass through him.

Mix all ingredients

The pancake batter:

In a bowl mix the stirred eggs with the flour, sugar, poppy seeds, salt and vanilla. Slowly and gradually, giving the sparkling water.

Heat a flat pan. Lubricate them with butter or some drops of oil, if she is already heated. Pour using a ladle of the finished pancake batter and spread evenly on the bottom of the pan. Fry the pancakes on both sides. Lubricate each individual pancake with butter and leave them on a shallow dish. Serve warm immediately after preparation, with syrup and fresh strawberries for garnish.

Raclette ideas made easy! What can it do?

Melted cheese taste always delicious. You can thank the Swiss so only you have popularized this kind of cheese making. But it's not only on the cheese in the raclette. It's about the great culinary party ideas that are achieving. We need this very much in this season.

What's raclette without cheese?

Well, it's not only on the cheese. But at the same time is hardly without the cheese raclette. This is usually.

What role does the cheese at grills?

First of all, you have this chance really to enjoy the tasty cheese with its good properties. Secondly, they create in combination with this and with other delicious and fresh Jasminlive products, fabulous results.

Great skewers

Raclett recipes raclette accompaniments raclette ideas

On raclette melted cheese make wonderful skewer recipes. Combine like with some ham and vegetables. Enjoy with crusty bread.

Different Mediterranean raclette ideas

With raclette you can continue to make something tasty after many Mediterranean recipes. You can combine such as bovine meat with delicious tomatoes. Enrich this great combination with a wonderful cheese flavor.

Raclette ideas - sweet and sour at the same time

The combination of delicious cheeses and various sweet fruit is fabulous. But be careful: you addictive one. Just because of a so delicious Raclette recipe it is worth to go to a party. Two great raclette hollandaise sauce with figs or Camembert with honey are ideas of this kind.

Mixture of nuts and cheese

Have you tried idea ever this raclette? If not, you would have to do it necessarily on chaturbate rooms! It is so yummy and so healthy. The combination of nuts and cheese is also yet to do this super healthy.

Caramelize different delicious fruits

As it so often happens, we conclude with the subject with which we have started. The issue: it arrives at the raclette on the cheese or not? Clearly, we would say: no! You can caramelise easily some fruits and offer the best your guests out of their sweet taste.

The Wild Garlic - You Need To Know Facts And Great Recipe Ideas

wild garlic healthy great recipes healthy nurturing

Wild garlic - the little-known properties of this super food

Wild garlic (Alliumursinum) is a flowering plant known for a long time for their properties. It was used due to its valuable properties ever in the kitchen. The effect of Bärlauchs on our organism has been very well studied in recent decades. After their beneficial properties were shown, and the species got even more in popularity.

Alliumursinum, wild garlic, or the favorite food of bears

Alliumursinum, or even wild garlic is the favorite food of bears after waking up from their winter sleep. This fact has been demonstrated already by many researchers on the territory of the continents of Asia and Europe. The wild garlic can easily be confused with many different plants. He has the greatest resemblance with the lily of the Valley. You have similar leaves. The easiest way to distinguish the two plants, is the smell. Pluck a leaf and smell it. It should smell lightly after the usual onion.

For many centuries, it recognized the good properties of the Bärlauchs from experience. As the soldiers have fed on that during war time. They had noticed that he has a beneficial effect on inflammation and problems with the stomach-intestinal system.

Just this kind of experience has motivated scientists to explore the good properties of the Bärlauchs.

Suitable for everyday cooking and gourmet cuisine

Wild garlic fits to the latest culinary trends. He is a food that looks ordinary, but enough to show properties for the gourmet kitchen. Just this kind of products is very popular with the modern lovers of gourmet cuisine.

The healthy properties of the Bärlauchs at a glance

Wild garlic writes ideal in modern lifestyle. He is simple, tasty and super healthy. We want to now love to put a strong accent on the last jasminelive aspect.

Antibacterial effect

It was already shown that garlic has strong antibacterial effects. But the effect is to feel really strongly, take fresh, rough leaves. Wild garlic cleanses the stomach-intestinal system of microbes and bacteria. So, its regular consumption can be used as prophylaxis against serious illnesses, including cancer.

Wild garlic for high blood pressure

Garlic helps to regulate blood pressure. He cleans the arteries of the bad cholesterol. Its effect is, at the cell level. The heart rhythm is brought to normal levels and thus to improve also the heart activity.

The fatigue during season changes afflicts many people. It is often the lack of certain vitamins - calcium, potassium, iron, etc. fatigue can be overcome very well and quickly with the help of the Bärlauchs. He has these and many other important vitamins and minerals in itselfrying

Is the info about wild garlic somehow boring? Or are you impressed now by the unknown facts about its role in our gastronomy? We felt anyway, so during our research. We wish you a good appetite, if you want to taste the garlic!

Do You Need A New Dining Table?

Certainly, the selection of a new dining room table is not the easiest task within the design of the apartment. If you invest more time and money but in this project, you would have not so much stress with the cleaning afterwards. And in the long run, the expensive solutions are cheaper as always a lot.

If you order your dining room table, don't forget that it is very often used and a huge burden must endure in the long run.

Select the style of the underlying

Do you have a separate dining room, or rather have a dining area within a larger room? This is the crucial issue in the selection of made in terms of the style and size. If you have a separate dining room, the table is the central element in this. He must be raised and determine the character of the remaining furniture.

In this case, the table should have a different style than the other pieces of furniture. This eclectic solution, there must be still match in colour, material or forms, so that as a result of a uniform look.

The table size

First, adjust the table to the masses of the dining room, or made. To do this, take the proportion 1 to 3. This includes also the chairs if you use the dining table during the day often, i.e. not only during meals.

Positioning of the table

Before you select the next room table, determine exactly his position. In a kitchen it is necessary to add the selected U, L or I line. Still, he should not to hinder the free-running in the area after setting out and make it possible opening all doors, cabinets, and drawers.

Appropriate material for your dining table

The material should be also very durable and fit to the Interior of the room. In a modern, smaller room, we would recommend metal and glass surface. The mirror effect increases the room visually.

A dining room table, which improves your appetite

The dining area, whether in a separate room or in an open floor plan has a key function in a modern House. It is the place where the family members at night, come together and communicate with each other. The furniture must bring our appetite and motivate us to enjoyable hours.

So all other distractions in the background are moved away and we can concentrate on the welcoming get-togethers.

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