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3 Recipes For The Frying Healthy And Low In Calories

These are the tastiest 3 products, you can deep fry in a deep Fryer. Fried is healthy and low in calories? Is it not paradoxical? By, we show how it's done!

The word deep Fryer everyone right on greasy food and the smell thinks after burnt., which is in the clothes. Even though you just "fries" in the "fries Shack" has brought on the corner. The smell passes only through the nearest laundry, the heavy burdens of fullness in the stomach I hope sooner.

What is more is the bad conscience. One had yet committed in the future to eat less fat. This "small" Sin will throw back a determined by a week in the training plan.

No more gloomy thoughts.

We want to show that modern deep-fried healthy, can be low in fat and cholesterol. It leaves no traces of unpleasant-smelling.

How does that work? We use no conventional Fryer. This works only with tons of fat and produces lots of acrid smoke. We wanted to try out "the" innovative method of cooking for you. With a so-called hot air fryer. With her no oil has to be heated, but only air. This saves energy.

There vividly compared classic fryers with cold zone and hot air fryer. To do this, we have chosen three purely vegan dishes.

Preparation time: 20 minutes cooking time: 25 minutes

-Best to buy a kilo of solid cooking organic potatoes for this or fixed boiling potatoes from the region with cold water wash the potatoes and then Peel (or but also just try it with shell) and then towel dry with potatoes into equal-sized pens, you can use also a special French fries cutters, saving time - the sticks with two and a half tablespoons olive oil mix.

Tip: Is there with fresh rosemary in the olive oil, get French fries in a Mediterranean style and can be eliminated later ketchup!

- Type in the hot air fryer and in the menu "French fries" 25 minutes Cook the fries - in between one to two strong shake out, so they are salt right kross - only still well from all sides. Take sea salt from the mill, it tastes fresher

Tip: Time, instead of sweet ketchup just they try our 'crisp' jams made with pepperoni (to see our recipes section) as a dipping sauce, to a skinny herb Quark!

Falafel or chickpea balls

Preparation time: 50 minutes (incl. 30 minutes standing time for the porridge) cooking time: 30 minutes

- One day before the Turks around the corner or in the organic load dried chickpeas shop at. 12-24 hour water. Then rinse off.

- The chickpeas with a blender puree smooth - one small onion and a garlic clove finely chop and along with salt, cumin and some chili powder, as well as a good splash of lemon juice, blend (spices depending on your preference using, in between ever to taste). Now even a small pinch of mix in baking soda - then so much flour, knead until a tough broad, from the later beads form themselves. Let it rest for half an hour and then chopped (smooth!) Parsley work, until the dough shows beautiful small green speckles

- Now form about Walnut-sized balls from the mixture and coat them lightly with olive oil dried small crumble bread and roll the balls in it.

- Off in the deep Fryer, which is set for 30-35 minutes (menu "French fries") - after approx. 10 minutes the beads have become slightly Brown and so firm, that to them from now on regularly can shake out. So they are evenly doit

Tip: A light tomato, leaf lettuce, with the remaining amount of lemon juice and olive oil consistent annoyed. Taking sea salt and a small pinch of chili powder as a seasoning. A thin yogurt as a dip the whole thing is still fresh.

Winter vegetables-root Pan (vegan)

Preparation time: 25 minutes cooking time: 30 minutes

- On the weekly market or in the BIO shop seasonal winter vegetables (such as carrots, leeks, celery, parsley root, turnips, cabbage etc., depending on the offer) buy all ingredients well clean and wash - in bite-sized pieces of roughly the same size dice with 30 minutes in the hot air fryer type and occasionally look right - to the final mix for one and a half teaspoons canola oil nor discretion sprinkle with chopped herbs (parsley should not be missed!)

FRY recipes healthy

Tip: A hot black tea with lemon, perfectly fits in the winter.

Yet this vegane-make three delicious and dishes, the lust for more. They are absolutely free of carcinogenic Acryl amides by burning fat. Oil is used only as a flavoring or anti-caking agent. Easier and healthier BBs will not do!

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