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About the ingredients of dates and their healthy properties

Let's be honest: the dates look not so special! You have such a dark color difficult to be determined. Moreover, they are so funny folded. So really, if you never tried it, one would not expect, that they are really yummy! But the dates are already. In addition, they have many healthy ingredients and are good in many ways for our organism.

Something about the history of dates

Dates history dates healthy dates ingredients

Who knows in the Moroccan kitchen, knows that the healthy dates are used as ingredients in many dishes. They were discovered there by the Spanish missionaries to 1700 and circulated among the Europeans. Since the 30s of the last century, it has succeeded to plant them in the southern parts of America.

Health benefits of dates

Dates dates healthy calories dates ingredients

In hardly any other fruit you will find more minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. This good substances are very easily absorbed by the organism.

The fibres promote the digestive system and do not allow it, that the body cancer-promoting pollutants accumulate in.

The dates are also healthy because they are rich in potassium. Thus check the blood pressure and the frequency of the heart beating.

Already, there was talk of the healthy vitamins in the dates. Here we have some more information about it. Also group vitamins A and K are included in the dates. Do you know why they're important for our body? Vitamin A is important for the eyes, the mucous membranes and the skin. It protects the mouth and lungs from cancer. Vitamin of K group are important for the metabolism.

Zinc, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B6, niacin and many others included in the dates.

Overall, the healthy ingredients of dates are a very healthy complex. Help your organism, the carbohydrates, to process proteins and fats.

You protect against bowel cancer, heart problems and even heart attack

Dateln healthy calories dates dates ingredients

The most important nutritional value of dates per 100 grams are approximately these:

78 calories;

21 grams carbohydrates;

19 grams sugar;

2 grams of fiber;

1 gram of protein.

Enjoy in the right amount

The dates are in itself healthy. But this is true only if you eat them in the appropriate quantities. Due to the large sugar content, they should be preferably combined with other healthy food.

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