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Red lentils - tasty and healthy food from the Orient

The lenses represent a part of our menu for generations. There are some theories which claim that you had eaten it already 8000 years ago! But what many don't know is that the Red lenses can offer a huge variety in our diet.

One of the simplest and clearest criteria for differentiating between different varieties of lenses is the color. Today we write more about red lentils and their healthy properties. The red lentils are very popular for several years. However, in principle, they are a new discovery for Western cuisine. It's rather a species of the plant, which is typical for the Orient.

Why are the Red lenses really Red?

Have you actually already wondered why the Red lenses are red at all? They have a Brown Shell. It is removed in order to get to the lens grain. The remaining seeds are red. That is what is then offered to us in the market.

The more complicated manufacturing process is probably the reason why the red lentils are slightly more expensive.

The story of red lentils

Let some more us tell you about the history of the Red lenses. We find this interesting and exciting. Just like some other interesting facts.

The red lentils are the Europeans for a short time on the dining room table. At the global level, it looks different. Worldwide, the red lentils are the most common type of lenses.

Nutritional value

The Red lenses have a higher protein content than the Brown lentils. They are also suitable for people with stomach intestinal problems. The red lentils are very rich in iron, potassium, and calcium.

The red lentils are a simple and effective method to enrich their own menu.

Nutritional value of the product

Here are the nutrition facts of the Red lenses at a glance. Included in 100 grams:

358 calories;

24 grams protein;

2 g fat;

63 grams carbohydrates;

11 grams of fiber;

Cooking tips

There are many delicious and healthy recipes with red lenses. We will give you a brief overview and you can decide for itself which feed you want to try out.

You can combine the lentils with many healthy satellite makers - such as potatoes or rice. Such a dish tastes best when it is baked in the oven.

The other group of great food with red lentils are the soups.

This is a typical Oriental and very healthy combination with Tahina. You can combine the soups but also with garlic and many other products.

Also the cream soup with red lentils are very tasty. You should also try this out.

Some of you will be amazed, perhaps, but there's really also super delicious dessert recipes with red lenses. They are very popular among the people, which have opted for a vegan diet.

For example, the combination of lentils and chocolate is very tasteful.

Have you discovered the Red lenses in all aspects for yourself so? It's a really healthy and delicious product that is well worth experimenting with what! Why surprise not your family or friends with a three course menu with red lens only?

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